Nature of Bohol Island Philippines


The awe- inspiring beauty of nature is spread all over the island. The grandeur of the Chocolate Hills, the tranquil waters of the Loboc River, pristine beaches of white sand
in Panglao Island, soothing forests and countryside await to enthrall visitors to Bohol.

Bohol's bestseller is a breathtaking sight of 1,268 cone-shaped hills of the same size and elevation spread as far as one's eyes can see. During summer, the hills are colored brown prompting the name,

Chocolate Hills. In Carmen town, two of the highest hills have been developed to provide dining and lodging facilities as well as an observation deck affording visitors a vantage point for panoramic view.

The Sagbayan Peak offers another refreshing visita of the geological wonder.

The Loboc River Cruise, during the day or at night, is a fascinating cruise on placid waters along palm-fringed banks and lush inland vegetation.

 The ride commences at the docking port near the historic Loboc Church.

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